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Making Petascale Genomics Possible with EMC & EDICO GENOME


Next-generation DNA sequencing technologies are revolutionizing the way biomedical research is practiced. This new technology is scaling significantly faster than Moore’s law, and it promises to catapult the launch of many molecular diagnostic applications. However, most biomedical research organizations do not have access to expertise, budget, or infrastructure that enables them to operate efficiently at petabyte scale.

During this webinar EMC and Edico Genome will summarize the latest approaches to computing and storage technologies that can be used to advance state-of-the-art research. The session will also highlight use cases that demonstrate the Edico Genome platform and will also provide best practices and guidelines when setting up a genomics IT environment using EMC and Edico Genome technologies.

Learning Objectives:

  • An overview of Edico Genome’s DRAGEN Bio-IT platform & example use cases
  • A brief summary of EMC storage technologies designed for technical computing
  • Best practices and guidelines for setting up genomics IT environment using Edico Genome and EMC technologies
  • Highlight additional research and clinical computing resources and references


Gavin Stone — Vice President of Marketing, Edico Genome

Gavin is an electronic engineer by training who has navigated his career into the life sciences via the wireless communications and semiconductor industries. He joined Edico Genome in 2013 to lead corporate development and marketing for the DRAGEN™ Bio-IT Processor, the world’s first next-generation sequencing bioinformatics chip to massively speed up genomic medicine. Previously he managed numerous high volume cellular products and software platforms at Broadcom. Prior to that, he was part of the Zyray Wireless team that developed a 3G cellular processor and was acquired by Broadcom in 2004 for $100 million. Before joining Zyray he held various engineering and marketing roles with U.K. and South African based companies developing cellular networks, web technologies and mobile internet based solutions.

Sasha Paegle — Sr. Business Development Manager - Life Science, Emgerging Technologies Division, EMC

In his current role as Sr. Business Development Manager at EMC Isilon, E. Sasha Paegle is responsible for EMC’s Emerging Technology Division Life Science industry, including go-to-market planning, solution development, and partner engagements. Prior to EMC Isilon, Sasha spent over 15 years in the Life Sciences industry as a product manager of life sciences software solutions at companies such as Microsoft Health Solutions Group, Rosetta Biosoftware (Merck & Co,) and DoubleTwist. He has also been responsible for building technology relationships with leading genomics companies such as Illumina, Ingenuity Systems, Waters and Thermo-Fisher. Sasha has also worked at the Scripps Research Institute in the R&D Process Sciences Department at Genentech.

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