Rethink Storage Gets a New Home in 2015

Posted by Jamie Doherty | Author Info

Jan 14, 2015 9:00:00 AM

As the strategist, coordinator, and executor of this blog from inception, it is bittersweet that I write this entry with some big news to share.  One year ago this week we launched Rethink Storage.  The idea of this blog was to give the members of the Advanced Software team at EMC a voice so they could share their product and industry expertise with our customers, partners, brand advocates, potential customers, and everyone in-between.  As you know things change quickly in the technology industry, bringing me to the point of this blog.

Our engineers have created advanced software products so cutting edge that they are considered emerging technologies here at EMC and to the industry.  Starting today, Rethink Storage will have a new look, name, and web home.  The new name is the Emerging Technologies Blog and it will transform into this futuristic look:

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It Takes a Village or Sometimes Just an Online Community…

Posted by Jamie Doherty | Author Info

Oct 9, 2014 9:00:00 AM

We have all been to one type of industry trade show or another in our careers. The focus of these events is usually product or solution education, activities and sweepstakes that drive attendees to the tradeshow floor, big after hours networking parties, and, of course, the announcement of what the next big industry trend will be. Sound familiar?

Have you ever stopped to think about how all that information gets socialized? In the past, you would have read about it in an industry trade magazine, an analyst report, a press release perhaps, or sometimes you might receive an email inviting you to attend yet another live or virtual event on the subject. You may also belong to an industry specific organization that has monthly meetings where the new trends are featured as the topics for discussion.

Not anymore! The world has changed and on top of all of these traditional communication methods, you now have to consider the huge impact of social media. We hear the announcement of a new trend and that trend immediately gets tweeted and retweeted right from the second it is announced. If enough buzz is generated, a few blogs are written about the subject, which are then tweeted and again retweeted. Starting to see the pattern?

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Crowd Sourcing to Find the Winners from VMworld 2014

Posted by Ilya Leybovitch | Author Info

Sep 15, 2014 9:00:00 AM

What do Virtual Volumes, 3D VDI graphics, OpenStack and multidimensional thumb wresting have in common? They are some of the things the alumni of VMworld 2014 got to experience in San Francisco last month. By the numbers, there were more than 230 vendors vying to get their message heard by the over 22,000 show attendees. That’s a lot of noise to filter through, but being a data scientist and somewhat of a detective, let me share what vendors got my attention and why.

The week of VMworld was the closest I’ve ever come to experiencing what it feels like inside a beehive set on fire. From the warm San Francisco mornings to the windy evenings, everyone from IT engineers dressed in jeans to line-of-business managers wearing off-the-rack suits rushed around five downtown blocks to get to:

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No Limits on Software-Defined Storage, EMC ScaleIO 1.30 Delivers Improved VMware Integration

Posted by Ed Beauvais | Author Info

Aug 25, 2014 9:00:00 AM

It is an exciting time to be a part of EMC as we are delivering software-defined storage solutions to our customers. I recognize that enterprise IT today is filled with multi-environment complexity and that we need to address head on the challenges of cost, architecture choice and cloud-like delivery. The ScaleIO team is focused on changing how customers think about their data center architectures and providing cutting edge, high-performance software that enables our customers to meet their business demands, improve ROI and achieve SLAs.

TCO optimized, agile and converged infrastructure built upon commodity platforms are driving storage innovation. As such, we are announcing enhancements to EMC ScaleIO that enable our customers and partners to leverage our solutions to deliver what customers and end users demand.

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Accelerating Network Virtualization with VMware NSX and EMC Service Assurance Suite

Posted by Vyenkatesh (Venky) Deshpande | Author Info

Aug 22, 2014 9:00:00 AM

*The following is a guest blog post from Venky Deshpande from VMware NSX product management, discussing the integration that the VMware NSX Network Virtualization Platform has with the EMC Service Assurance Suite.  These solutions are going to featured at VMworld August 24-28 in San Francisco, CA.  go to for more information

Network Virtualization – A Critical Component of SDDC
As more organizations seek to fully implement Software-Defined Data Centers – which are characterized by server virtualization, storage virtualization and network virtualization – the “traditional” network and its inherent inefficiencies increasingly represents a barrier to IT’s ability to meet today’s dynamic business needs:

  • Network service provisioning is slow, manual and error-prone
  • Workload placement and mobility are limited
  • Network changes required to support a rapidly changing environment are often complex and hard to implement efficiently and effectively

Overcoming these challenges requires a Software-Defined Data Center approach.

By allowing virtual networks, like server virtual machines, to be programmatically created, cloned, migrated, deleted, and restored on-demand to enable applications to be quickly provisioned and deployed, VMware NSX™ network virtualization platform provides the network virtualization pillar that delivers to the network the same benefits that VMware delivered to compute infrastructure.

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Service Assurance Suite 9.3 GA Accelerates SDN with VMware NSX

Posted by Rick Walsworth | Author Info

Jun 26, 2014 9:30:00 AM

EMC Service Assurance Suite became generally available on June 24, 2014, delivering an entirely new set of capabilities, including Software-Defined Network (SDN) management via full integration with VMware NSX Network Virtualization Platform. Service Assurance 9.3 also features completely new operations User Interface, deeper application integration and improved storage monitoring for VMware environments.

The Service Assurance Suite 9.3 represents a significant milestone because it provides the next significant innovation for helping to accelerate deployment of Software Defined Data Centers. Service Assurance Suite is a foundational component of that strategy building upon the core operations tools that have been successfully deployed within the world’s largest Enterprise and Service Provider data centers. The capabilities delivered within this release bring industries best fault correlation and root cause analysis engine to software-defined networks by providing fault, availability and performance management across both virtual and physical networks. This is critical for organizations looking to deliver the benefits of virtualized network infrastructure, while seamlessly integrating these disruptive technologies into the disciplined operational models of their data centers.

It’s all about Service Delivery

Customers that have deployed Service Assurance Suite are great testimonials on how to deploy next generation services with utility-like efficiency, while delivering carrier-class visualization across the entire data center. This requires intelligent fault analysis and event correlation, providing rapid root cause identification to optimize availability, configurations and performance. These capabilities help to bridge the gap between 2nd and 3rd Platform architectures without sacrificing service levels delivered back to the business.
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Services Unavailable, Unattainable, or Just Unidentified?

Posted by Jason Huff | Author Info

Apr 21, 2014 9:00:00 AM

Software-defined Storage (SDS) is coming to a data center near you!

By the time you read this, it’s already happening. EMC is using innovative software and hardware offerings such as ViPR, Isilon, Atmos and others to bring SDS to reality today. Utilizing this framework of technologies, EMC is allowing customers to provide the elastic capacity that customers are looking for to respond to existing demands. These challenges actually provide the opportunity today for customers to meet and fulfill the requirements of the 2nd Platform and begin the transformation to the 3rd Platform.

Addressing customers existing needs is the first step to offering services that internal customers and business partners need. By defining these services, whether it’s as simple as provisioning new LUNs to VM Hosts or Windows Hosts or as complex as providing them the ability to create or restore their own snapshots via VPLEX, IT can begin to transform itself into an internal service provider and ultimately a business partner.

EMC, VMware and VCE can do this today. However, the culture of IT departments is the greatest obstacle in this process. Changing the mindset to which we’ve all become accustomed can be a difficult road. But the greatest benefits come at the end of that road, through lower costs and higher satisfaction rates of customers and employees. Simplification through automation is the fastest means to working smarter and not harder.
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VMware and ViPR: Better Together

Posted by Salvatore DeSimone | Author Info

Feb 10, 2014 9:00:00 AM

I want to take a moment to demonstrate how EMC ViPR + VMware work together to bring storage automation to VMware environments today.

By utilizing ViPR with VMware, a company’s Storage Administrators and Virtual Infrastructure Administrators partner to enable seamless and efficient automation of the most common VM data storage management functions:

      1. Data Store Lifecycle Management: Create, Delete, Expand
      2. Storage Policy Based Management (SPBM) with VM Storage Profiles
      3. Provisioning Raw Device Mappings (RDM)
      4. Storage Monitoring and Analytics 
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Supporting Multiple Cloud Stacks in the Software-defined Data Center

Posted by Andy Waterhouse | Author Info

Jan 23, 2014 9:00:00 AM

When we talk about the software-defined data center, we often think of delivering our vision through the use of a single cloud stack or cloud automation platform. The use of a single stack helps to be able to implement, manage and visualize the delivery of an IT service and also means that there is a clear way of recording everything in a service catalog and CMDB/CMS.   

However, for many customers, the ability to use a single stack is simply not a reality.  There can be many reasons for this:

• A multiple hypervisor strategy, using an 'element management' approach
• The integration of a new organization with a different service delivery model, different storage array hardware or stack approach
• Organic business growth within the organization with non-interlocked business units
• A specific application infrastructure project delivery that required the use of a different stack or orchestration approach (such as HP OO, BMC Atrium Orchestrator, vCO, Puppet or scripts) 

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