Developing Versatile Storage Solutions for Life Sciences

Dell EMC Emerging Technologies Team (ETT) is a global leader and trusted partner in Life Science storage solutions. We deliver powerful yet versatile solutions for healthcare and life science organizations that want to efficiently manage clinical and genomics data.  

Dell EMC storage solutions are simple to install, manage and scale, at any size, across the R&D data lifecycle.  As a leader and trusted partner of Life Science organizations worldwide, Dell EMC storage solutions provide the security, ease of management, resilience, and scalability needed to manage Life Science workflows today and in the future.







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Bio-IT World Conference

May 23rd-25th, 2017 - Boston, MA

Bio-IT World Conference & Expo is the premier event showcasing technologies that drive biomedical research, drug discovery & development, and clinical and healthcare initiatives. Dell EMC has several speakers including Steve Worth (“Data Computing and Automation: Models, Capabilities, Applications and Scalability”)

Past Events:
  • Bio-IT World Conference '17, May 23th-25th


  • Bioinformatics for Big Data '17, Feb 20th - 22nd



NGS & NAS Best Practice Guide 

This white paper provides guidelines and best practices for tuning an Dell EMC Isilon environment supporting next generation sequencing workflows. It is intended for users and administrators of large compute clusters connected to Isilon storage via NFS working with NGS data.

Webcast -NGS With Globus Genomics & Dell EMC Isilon

The rapid advances in the application of next generation sequencing for translational research are driving the dramatic rethinking and re-architecting of IT infrastructures that will enable moving and sharing of genomic data more broadly.

Isilon with Intel® Xeon Phi™

This whitepaper presents the configuration for an Intel Xeon Phi co-processor and an Dell EMC Isilon clustered NAS utilizing NFS. The intent is to provide a quick setup guide when using the two technologies together.

IRODs Best Practice Guide

iRODS is a data management system that has been widely adopted for use with unstructured file data, especially data used in various fields of scientific research such as bioinformatics, climate science, environmental studies, physics and astronomy. This paper explores some of the best ways for using iRODS with Isilon clustered NAS to enhance and extend the overall functionality of the entire solution.

Bridging Isilon NAS IP to InfiniBand With Mellonox

This white paper explains how to configure a Mellanox SwitchX Series switch to bridge the external network of an Dell EMC Isilon cluster to an InfiniBand network.

Petascale Genomics With Cloudera & Isilon

During this webinar we review how distributed computing tools (i.e., the Hadoop ecosystem) can be used to significantly advance the state-of-the-art research such as scaling genome-wide association studies and large-scale data integration of public databases. We also cover the ADAM project for rebooting genomics ETL on top of Spark.

A Storage Solution that evolves with Next-Generation Sequencing

For most organizations performing NGS, the IT department has to deliver on performance and capacity needs, planning for the future, and cost-efficient solutions. This blog explores solutions to the challenges associated with keeping up with data volumes while meeting these needs.

Unlocking the secrets of DNA – moving towards predictive healthcare

James Petter, Vice President and Country Manager for Dell EMC UK and Ireland, comments on the announcement of a four-year genome project to unlock the secrets of DNA to help predict and treat cancer and other rare illnesses, lauding the project as a step in the right direction towards technology-led, predictive healthcare.

Re-Architecting Genomics Pipelines to Handle the Rising Wave of Data

Part one of a series provides a background on the challenges in the biomedicine space, the growth of genomics data sets, the current solutions, and the approaches to re-architecting significantly faster analytics that makes teams more productive and efficient.


Isilon Life Science Solution Brief

Dell EMC Isilon provides Life Sciences organizations a simple and proven storage solution that allows organizations to respond to scientific and business requirements over time while minimizing the need to re-architect their infrastructure.

Isilon Technical Overview     

This white paper provides an in-depth look at the major components of the Dell EMC Isilon OneFS operating and file system. It details the software, hardware, distributed architecture and various data protection mechanisms that make OneFS a very flexible, easy to manage and a highly scalable enterprise storage solution both in terms of capacity as well as performance.

Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) Technical Overview

This document provides an in-depth architecture overview of Dell EMC® Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS™), a turnkey software-defined cloud-scale object storage platform that combines the cost advantages of commodity infrastructure with the reliability, availability and serviceability of traditional arrays.

Bringing Object Storage to Life Science Workflows

Object storage can be used to simply and safely store large, unstructured life science data sets, permits rapid growth, is highly resilient (especially with geographically dispersed data), and facilitates collaboration.