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Jan 5, 2015 9:03:20 AM

You may have heard of ECS Appliance - EMC’s turnkey, software-defined cloud storage platform.  This was the big announcement from EMC’s Advanced Software team at EMC World 2014.  If you were at that event and visited the Advanced Software booth you had the opportunity to visit what we referred to as “the ECS Petting Zoo."  This petting zoo was an opportunity to pull out the guts of the ECS Appliance and get a 1x1 walkthrough of the inner workings with the team that built it.  It was such a popular exhibit at the event, even our own Joe Tucci, Chairman and CEO, and David Goulden, CEO of Information Infrastructure, stopped by for a personal show and tell.

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You might be saying the memories of the bells and whistles at EMC World are nice but what does that mean to me now almost a year later?  It means you have the opportunity to redefine cloud economics with ECS Appliance, which by the way, is powered by EMC’s ViPR Software-defined Storage solution.  ECS Appliance combines the cost advantages of commodity infrastructure with the reliability, availability and serviceability of traditional arrays to deliver hyperscale cloud economics in your data center.  ECS Appliance allows you to:

  • Extend the benefits of public and private clouds to any size business
  • Accelerate development for enterprise and software developers
  • Deliver competitive cloud storage services at scale for cloud providers
  • Accelerate Big Data initiatives for data scientists

I could ramble on and on about the benefits of EMC’s ECS Appliance.  I think it would be better to show you how it works.  This video gives you an overview of the ECS Appliance and introduces you to the benefits.



Now that you have had an opportunity to understand how the ECS Appliance can benefit your data center, I want to give you the same opportunity those had at EMC World.  Erik Riedel, Senior Director of Hardware and Platform Engineering at EMC, takes a deep dive in to the inner workings of the ECS Appliance in this video below.  The ECS Appliance architecture he is about to walk you through is a 3 petabyte rack that can be combined with 10 to 100 racks simultaneously in order to build an exabyte scale ready, cloud based storage environment. 

With ECS Appliance you can deploy a hyper scale storage infrastructure that will give you everything you need to take on the 3rd Platform with confidence. Have more questions?  Visit the community and chat with one of our ECS experts. 

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