365 Days Later

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May 6, 2014 4:00:00 PM

Last year at EMC World, we introduced ViPR, EMC's first entry into the software-defined storage market.  Since then, ViPR became commercially available well ahead of industry expectations.  The customer response to ViPR has exceeded all of our 2013 targets. With ViPR, enterprises and service providers can access a simple, extensible and open software-defined storage platform.  The best part is – customers don’t have to just take our word for it, they can download VIPR at no charge for non-commercial use with no time limit just by going here.

365-days-later In a similar vein to our approach at EMC World 2013, we provided a sneak preview of EMC ECS Appliance (formerly known as Project Nile) at Milan last fall.  ECS Appliance is EMC’s Platform 3 offering that fundamentally redefines the economics and value of hyper-scale environments.  With ECS Appliance, any enterprise or service provider can deliver the economics and simplicity of public cloud services with the choice and control of private cloud infrastructure. 

 But we didn’t stop there.  Ongoing conversations with our customers revealed that in addition to trying to keep up with the explosive data growth every technology company is facing, customers are also grappling with other disruptive technologies such as Cloud, Social, Mobile, and Big Data that are redefining the way we work and live. 

 Traditional IT infrastructures were not designed to handle this type of hyper-growth and are driving customers to identify more efficient ways to manage their existing enterprise architecture (commonly referred to as Platform 2 architectures) so that they can reinvest and focus on the promise of the hyper scale-ready Platform 3 and extend their data’s accessibility and value.

You may recall that helping our customers bridge this gap from Platform 2 to the Platform 3 was the foundation of the January Customer event we held at Shoreditch Village.  We took that opportunity to announce significant product enhancements to our Storage Resource Management Suite 3.0 which now delivers deep insight and visualization for managing multi-vendor storage environments through a simplified, common user interface as well as seamless integration with ViPR so that customers have one management framework that transcends both their traditional and software-defined environments.  We also delivered on the promise to ship Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) Data Service, and we enhanced our ViPR controller and  ViPR object data services capabilities in ViPR 1.1.

 By embracing software-defined storage, our customers are poised to build new applications that harness additional sources of data to redefine their strategy and drive the structural change required to achieve their future business needs.

 We in EMC’s Advanced Software Division provide a unique approach to solving our customer problems that combines the right technology, people, and process to help them redefine their business and bridge the gap between Platform 2 and Platform 3.  But even more importantly, EMC meets our customers wherever they are today so we can help them get to wherever their business needs might be for tomorrow.

And this is precisely where we are today, almost exactly 365 days after I stood on stage at EMC World announcing our vision for ViPR.  I cannot wait to see where we are 365 days from now.

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